Bigger Love Regular|
by Konstantine Studio



A man of one book.
thomas aquinas
Bigger Love Regular
La musique celeste.
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Bigger Love Regular

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And, in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make.
paul mccartney
The quick brown fox
Jumps over the lazy dog
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HEX: #9C5B44
RGB: 156 91 68
HEX: #738780
RGB: 115 135 128
HEX: #082128
RGB: 8 33 40
HEX: #E0B368
RGB: 224 179 104
RGB: 223 219 166
if you learn to hate one or two persons... you'll soon hate millions of people.
jerry spinelli
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By installing or using this demo version you agree to use it as PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use! --- The font license can be purchased at: Or you can visit us in the other store below : --- Bigger Love, A fine clean semi-script and handwriting font based on the real flow of scratch from the paper. It takes the handwriting font style to the next level, with still keep the casual vibes but luxury and glam as well. Perfectly fit for a logo, branding, title, headline, pair it with your favourite sans-serif fonts and you'll stand out classier than others.